Meet the Designers

Our team of designers has almost 30 years of experience building, repairing, and designing jewelry. They have thousands of hours of experience to base their designs, and methods on spanning across dozens of genres of jewelry.

IMG_Christian Profile

Christian Watts


Christian Watts has been working in the jewelry industry since 1998 when at age 13 he started working with his father on manufacturing rings, necklaces and more! For the last 20 years, Christian has been mastering his craft, building contacts, and developing new techniques to make jewelry more affordable for the average consumer and to streamline the process of making truly unique custom jewelry.


Learn more about Christian HERE

IMG_Eric Profile

Eric Law


Eric Law started working at Choice Jewelers in 2012 when he moved to Colorado Springs with his wife Angela. He left a job as a restaurant manager to learn the jewelry trade under Christian Watts and quickly established himself as a talented jeweler.  For the past several months Eric has been the go-to guy for repair, and resizing work. But with our new venture into being a design studio, he plans to become a talented designer as well.


Most customers will be able to see Eric in store in our jeweler's room working on a piece, or doing quick repair or resize for someone in the store.