Step 1: Consultation

Here at Choice Jewelers, we begin the custom design process with a simple meeting with a sales associate to go over your needs and schedule an appointment with a designer. Walk-in appointments are accepted but due to our small location, we can only do one custom design consultation at a time.

During our consultation, you will meet with a designer, and talk about the piece you would like to make. They will then use our 3D rendering software to put your piece together on screen in front of your eyes. By the end of this 3D design process, we will get your approval on a design, and show you a render with exactly what the piece will look like.


Step 2: 3d Printing

Because we render your design with you in the consultation our next step is 3D printing the piece.  The piece is printed in a castable resin similar to the wax that is hand carved by many old-school jewelers.


Step 3: Investing, and Burnout

Next up is the investing and burnout process. During this, we will take the 3D printed resin and incase it in heat-resistant putty.  After the putty has dried we will place the putty containing the 3d printed CAD into the kiln overnight to burn out the resin and leave a mold of the piece.


Step 4: Casting

Our casting process requires us to heat the metal to its melting point in a centrifuge a with the mold on the outside of the ring, and the molten metal on the other. Once the metal is completely melted we will then spin the centrifuge launching the metal into the mold in the shape of your piece! After the casting, we will quench the piece to cool it and break it from the mold before sending it off to the finishing process.

Step 5: Finishing

The Finishing process is when we will clean, polish, set stones, and generally do any prep work on the ring to get it ready for the customer. Depending on the piece this can be either an extremely quick process or quite long. Once we have the piece completed we will have the customer come back in for a final fitting and approval before they get to take their piece home!