Our Story

Christian Watts has began working in the jewelry industry in 1998 when at age 13 he started working with his father on manufacturing rings, necklaces and more! For the last 20 years christian has been mastering his craft, building contacts, and developing new techniques to make jewelry more affordable for the average consumer, and to streamline the process of making truly unique custom jewelry.

He did this through hard work and patience as he worked as a repair center for major chains he built relationships with diamond suppliers, suppliers of precious metals, managers, corporate big wigs, and other jewelers. He noticed while working with these corporations that customers were getting ripped off due to corporate overhead, and poor decision making by the people near the top. Christian tried to help those companies lower prices by reducing mistakes in manufacturing that would just end up being a repair bill for the customer, he sent suggestion after suggestion to these corporations but they never heeded his advice.

After pursuing every avenue for change that he could he finally grew tired of seeing customers spend hundreds of dollars on repairs that shouldn't have had to be done in the first place if the Chain Stores just held the manufacturer responsible for their low quality work. So after 11 years working with large jewelry chains doing their repairs for extremely low pay on each job he finally separated himself from those stores, and launched the Choice Jewelers Custom Design Studio.


We built the studio to be an experience for our customers. You can come in schedule a appointment to sit down with christina or one of our other jewelers, and watch your dream ring, necklace, pendant or more be rendered right in front of your eyes through our custom design software. Once we get your approval on a piece you can come pick it up in store about 4 weeks later!